6pm Evening Service - The Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything

May 28th - June 4th, 2017

Travel with us as we spend 5 weeks in the book of Ecclesiastes, discovering how we can find meaning in a world searching for answers.

Syg 2017

State Youth Games 2017 - Brave

June 9th - June 11th, 2017

$90 - $190

Once again, NRUC will be braving the cold of Warrigul for State Youth Games. More information about bookings will be coming soon!

This year State Youth Games is asking, “What does it take to change the world? What does it look like to have courage in the face of hardship? What does it mean to be BRAVE?”

BRAVE is not about being unafraid. BRAVE is not about standing in the face of adversity and saying “You can’t scare us.” BRAVE is about standing up and saying “You do scare us, but we won’t be stopped.”

This year, State Youth Games is inviting everyone to be BRAVE to love, BRAVE to care, BRAVE to speak, and BRAVE to risk everything for someone else.

How can we grow in courage? Who will we be called to stand up for? Who are the people we will defend, stand beside, champion, and love?

Do we have what it takes to change the world?

We will have to be BRAVE.

Payments can be made via:

  • Bank Deposit: North Ringwood Uniting Church 063-855 010069511 (please put your name and SYG somewhere on the transaction so we can find you)
  • Cheque (cheques payable to North Ringwood Uniting Church)
  • Cash (to be given in person to Chris Waddell)

For more information contact Chris Waddell (0418 373 065), Daniel Mckinnon (0412 540 345) or Tim Bell (0450 113 665)

[NRUC SYG Facebook Page]